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This mini-course includes 10 short, powerful lessons to help you bring conceptual learning and transfer to your classroom. The course is completely asynchronous and designed to complete during teacher planning or PLC times. Grab your colleagues and enroll together for powerful learning that teaches students how to recognize the deeper structural patterns of every situation.

Each participant will design a short portfolio of classroom strategies for practical application to your setting. 

Course curriculum

    1. 3 phases of the learning journey

    1. The role of concepts in learning

    2. Quick self-assessment with descriptive feedback

    1. How do concepts and transfer interact?

    2. Quick self-check with descriptive feedback

    3. Two words: Uncover & Transfer

    1. Surface learning strategies

    2. Deep & transfer learning strategies

    3. Closing lesson

    4. Course Feedback

About this course

  • $30.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


Julie Stern

Julie Stern is passionate about synthesizing the best of education research into practical tools that support educators in breaking free of the industrial model of schooling and moving toward teaching and learning that promotes sustainability, equity, and well-being. She is a four-time, best-selling author of Learning that Transfers, Visible Learning for Social Studies, The On-Your-Feet-Guide to Learning Transfers, and Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Elementary and Secondary. She is a certified trainer in Visible Learning Plus & Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction. She is a James Madison Constitutional Fellow and taught social studies for many years in Washington, DC and her native Louisiana. Julie moves internationally every few years with her husband, a US diplomat, and her two children.

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