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next cohort is coming soon

This course is designed for experienced practitioners of conceptual learning and transfer who are ready for the next iteration of assessing. Join us to reimagine the purpose and possibilities of assessment in a transfer-focused classroom. 

This six-week long course will guide participants through the creation of a summative assessment with a corresponding rubric as well as a system of ongoing feedback about learning.  View the one-page syllabus here

Previous course completion of one of our level 1 or level 2 courses -- or teachers in our partner school program -- is required before enrolling in this course. Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate noting 10 hours and 1 continuing education credit (CEU), plus a Learning That Transfers Level 3 badge to use in emails, resume, etc. We hope you'll join us!

We can't wait to begin!

Group discounts for 4+ participants from the same school. Reach out with any questions

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Orientation

    • Welcome from Julie, Krista, and Kayla

    • Course Syllabus

    • Community Introductions

  • 2

    Module 1: Learning That Transfers Review

    • Module 1 Introduction

    • Complex World Video & Discussion

    • How Learning Transfer Works

    • The ACT Model Review

    • Disciplinary Lenses

    • Levels of Concepts and Questions

    • Module 1 Reflection

  • 3

    Module 2: System of Feedback

    • Module 2 Introduction

    • Video Provocation & Discussion

    • Student-Directed, Teacher-Designed

    • Feedback About Teaching

    • Feedback About Learning

    • Designing a Comprehensive System

    • Peer Feedback

    • Self-Assessment and Review

    • Module 2 Reflection

  • 4

    Module 3: Summative Tasks

    • Module 3 Introduction

    • Video Provocation & Discussion

    • Mining Learning Outcomes for Context

    • Types of Knowledge that Transfer

    • Types of Transfer & Task Brainstorm

    • The Role of Factual Content & Skills

    • Module 3 Reflection

  • 5

    Module 4: Dissimilar, Real-World Transfer

    • Module 4 Introduction

    • Video Provocation & Discussion

    • Types of Transfer

    • Authentic Audiences

    • Impacting the World

    • Tips for Logistics

    • Self-Assessment & Peer Review

    • Module 4 Conclusion & Reflection

  • 6

    Module 5: Formative Assessments

    • Module 5 Introduction

    • Planning Backwards from the Transfer Task

    • Checking for Alignment

    • Pre-Assessment & Prior Knowledge

    • Adjusting Instruction

    • Progression Build & Peer Review

    • Module 5 Conclusion

    • Module 5 Flipgrid Reflection

  • 7

    Module 6: Student Self-Assessment

    • Module 6 Introduction

    • Assessment Capable Learners

    • Self-Assess & Monitor Progress

    • System for Feedback & Reflection

    • Refine Plans & Reviewing Assessment Planning

    • Creating a Grading Scheme

    • Module 6 Reflection

    • Course Feedback - Please Complete!

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Participants will: design a system of feedback about the quality of teaching and learning, including summative and formative assessments of transfer.

  • Teach students how to monitor their abilities to acquire, connect, and transfer their learning to new situations.

  • Cultivate student independence through a system of feedback that informs them about where they are in the learning journey.

  • Design a summative assessment.

  • Draft a formative assessment plan.

  • Construct a grading scheme that translates assessment data into student grades (as/if required by your school).


Julie Stern

Julie Stern is passionate about synthesizing the best of education research into practical tools that support educators in breaking free of the industrial model of schooling and moving toward teaching and learning that promotes sustainability, equity, and well-being. She is the best-selling author of Learning that Transfers, Visible Learning for Social Studies, and Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Elementary and Secondary. She is the thought leader behind the global workshop series Making Sense of Learning Transfer and is a certified trainer in Visible Learning Plus. She is a James Madison Constitutional Fellow and taught social studies for many years in Washington, DC and her native Louisiana. Julie moves internationally every few years with her husband, a US diplomat, and her two young sons.

Krista Ferraro

Krista Ferraro is a history teacher and department head at Thayer Academy in Braintree, Massachusetts. Her passions include civic education, social justice, and preparing students for effective global citizenship. Previously, she served as deputy director of public policy and curriculum innovation at Chavez Schools in Washington, DC, where she also taught history and public policy courses. Her published works include the bestselling Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Elementary and Secondary and Learning that Transfers. Krista holds bachelor’s degrees in American studies and Spanish from Cornell University and a master of arts in teaching from American University. She is also an alumna of Teach for America.

Kayla Duncan

Kayla is a personalized instruction coach for Forsyth County Schools in Cumming, Georgia. Her passion centers around empowering student voice through meaningful, authentic experiences and increased ownership. Kayla currently supports personalized learning cohort schools in creating their new vision for education through the design thinking process. She believes the voices of students and the community should drive what happens in the school building. Before her coaching role, Kayla taught elementary physical education and middle grades mathematics.

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